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Only in Texas: Woman Battles 2 Snakes with Her Bare Hands

This Texas woman proves she ain’t scared of nothing as she battles two snakes with her bare hands!

According to the Times Record News, Deborah Burette of Wilbarger County, Texas found herself in quite the predicament last Monday. Deborah said she spotted a large black snake in her kitchen and formulated a plan to take action.

“I thought to myself, no one is going to believe this, so I went to get my phone to take a picture,” she said. “When I got back, it acted like it was coming after me, then it tried to get away by escaping through a hole behind the dishwasher.”

After determining it was not a rattlesnake, Deborah attempted to grab the snake and kill it with a knife she had pulled from the nearby sink! Due to the strength of the snake she was unable to cause any real harm. That is when she decided to bring out the big guns!

Deborah then grabbed for her brand new meat cleaver with her free hand, and used her teeth to tear the plastic wrap off the blade; all while holding the snake in her other hand!

“I was finally able to hit the snake on the head with the cleaver and immobilize it,” says Deborah.

She later sent photos of the snake to Texas Parks and Wildlife who confirmed to her that the snake was most likely a water moccasin.

I know that is pretty wild, but here is where it gets even crazier. Later that night she went back into the kitchen only to find another snake sitting by her sink! I swear, I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to!

“It bit my hand. I killed it and called 911 because, at the time, I didn’t know what kind of snake it was. But after the EMS arrived, we determined that it was a bull snake,” Burdette said.

Deborah admits that she has killed plenty of snakes on her 20 acres including multiple rattlesnakes just outside her front door.

“This experience has put pressure on me to keep the yard mowed and looking well maintained…I have a healthy respect for snakes, as long as they are outside,” she said.



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Only in Texas: Woman Battles 2 Snakes with Her Bare Hands