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Mora to Unveil First Full Tang Knife at SHOT Show 2016


Details of Mora’s first ever full tang knife will be revealed at this year’s SHOT Show.

MoraKniv is known all across the outdoor industry for their incredibly dependable, sharp, and affordable Swedish-made knives. For over a century the craftsman at Mora have been perfecting their trade, and this year they plan on taking it a step further with their first full tang knife.

Tang refers to the protruding end of a knife where your handle or scales attach. There are many variations of tang with full, half, push, rat tail, and encapsulated being the most common. Full tang means the knife is one solid piece matching the length and width of the blade. They are considered the strongest knives you can purchase and easily hold up to the abuse outdoorsmen can put them through.


Until now, almost all of Mora’s knives have used a modified version of the rat tail tang as shown above. Rumors began floating around earlier this year that they had begun designing a full tang knife to introduce onto the market. They confirmed this Friday via their Facebook page:

The official release of the first ever Morakniv full tang will be held at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Starting Tuesday, January 19 representatives from our company in Mora, Sweden will be there to show the knife and all it’s exciting features.

They have even been using survival expert and ex-Dual Survival star David Canterbury to help test out the new knife. He is expected to be at the Mora booth to help with the reveal.

“I have had the prototype of the wonderful new FT (full tang) knife for quite a while now doing initial testing and providing feedback to Mora,” Canterbury commented on the Facebook post. “This is a wonderful addition to their already timeless line of quality tools and I am very proud to be involved in this project.”

While many are very excited to see Mora finally introduce a full tang knife to their lineup, there are a lot of questions popping up as to what the price point will be set at. Any quality full tang knife easily prices into the $100-$200 range, but most of Mora’s outdoor knives price between $20-$80. That price range with their quality is one of their biggest selling points.

All Mora could say on the issue was, “We’re aiming at a reasonable price point with the material and quality in mind.”

Knowing that, I feel the price is what is going to make or break this knife. Most, including myself, already have no issue using a $40 Mora knife for just about any task from batoning firewood at camp to field dressing game. If this new model ends up being a high priced knife, I don’t see a lot of people spending two to three times as much for something that is a little sturdier than what they already have now.

I have to say, as an avid bushcrafter, I am very interested to see what they have come up with and can’t wait for the reveal. All we can do is watch and wait as the SHOT Show opening draws ever closer.

Keep your eye on the Morakniv Facebook Page, as well as Wide Open Spaces for continued SHOT Show coverage.

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Mora to Unveil First Full Tang Knife at SHOT Show 2016