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Moose and Woman, Best Friends Forever [VIDEO]

Well, you know what they say. A moose is a woman’s best friend.

Oh, that’s not a thing?

This video posted by TheOpenLens is a goofy one, considering all the moose attack videos we’ve seen.

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Don’t try and befriend the next moose you see either out hunting or just enjoying a jaunt in your nearest wild wood. This woman worked with this moose since it was a calf in the safety of a wildlife park.

Believe it or not, moose are more dangerous than bears; people encounter moose much more often. What should you do if you encounter a moose in the wild?

If it isn’t grunting at you, stomping its hooves or showing any aggression, you can probably just back away and speak softly to let it know you’re not out to hurt it.

If it is acting aggressively and actually comes at you to attack, try to head behind a large tree or rock for protection. Curl up in a ball and protect your head and neck.

It’s always a good idea to wear a backpack in heavily wooded areas, especially if they are known to be around.

Always be prepared for an attack. Carry bear spray, which is actually more often used on moose than bears.

Do you have any cool moose stories?

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Moose and Woman, Best Friends Forever [VIDEO]