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Moose Trapped in Swing Set Gets Freed by Utah Sheriff’s Sergeant [VIDEO]

A bad situation for a stressed out moose gets a happy ending thanks to the bravery and professionalism of a Utah Sheriff’s Sergeant.

Can you imagine walking around with a moose rack strapped to your head? How about maneuvering through miles and miles of forest, brush, and human contraptions? It sounds downright impossible, and it probably would be, as we humans don’t have the balance or strength to carry such a load. The majestic moose, however, does this for months out of every year, often careening into other bulls and sometimes, our own human creations.


This bull moose found himself in quite the pickle when he tried walking under a swing set in an urban Utah backyard. Lucky for him a Weber County Sheriff’s Sergeant was on duty and able to lend a helping hand and a pair of bolt cutters. It takes a while to get him free, but this brave officer’s patience and soothing words help to finally snip the last link in the chains holding this poor moose hostage so that he may continue on his way.

Watch the footage below to see the epic struggle with a happy ending.

The heaving chest and huffing breath of the moose is enough to make anyone watching this video tense, so we can’t even begin to understand what thoughts were going through this Sergeant’s mind. According to the Weber County Sheriff Department’s YouTube channel, the moose was pretty tuckered out after the whole ordeal.

After the video ends the moose was so exhausted he went over to the home and laid down. The Sergeant brought the moose some water and took a hose and cooled him down. Utah Division of Natural Resources stated swing sets and volleyball nets are very hazardous for the animals.

As always, be aware of your natural surroundings and try to keep your lifestyle harmonious with your local wildlife. Your neighbors aren’t just the ones next door!

What would you have done in this situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Moose Trapped in Swing Set Gets Freed by Utah Sheriff’s Sergeant [VIDEO]