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Moose Spotted in Northern Nevada

Nevada Dept of Wildlife

Humboldt County motorists caught a glimpse of a rare sight in the state of Nevada.

A moose was spotted near Paradise Park, and had residents curious as to how it got there.

Hunter Ken Theiss, who saw the moose, said, “You kind of do a double-take when you see something like that… we actually did a U-turn and went back and took some pictures.”

Theiss reported that other motorists were pulled to the side of the road and taking pictures also. The moose was estimated to be about 18 months old.

Nevada does not have the kind of habitat that moose need to survive. Moose thrive in wetter habitats with more vegetation. However, moose do occasionally show up on the northern part of the state.

Moose sometimes follow waterways like a stream or a creek south from Idaho. In the latest sighting, the moose was about 10 miles from Denio Junction near the intersection of two highways.

Nevada does have deer and elk populations throughout the state but moose are rare visitors.

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Nevada Department of Wildlife spokesperson Chris Healy said,

They’re told to get out by their birth mother. Then other bull moose don’t want them around because they’re competition for the females.

This is not the first time there was a moose spotted in Nevada. Just last May, two moose were seen in the Jarbidge Wilderness in Elko County.

In that instance it was a male and female moose. A pair of moose taking up residency is the only hope of a Nevada born moose and the possibility of a resident group.

“Usually it is a lone moose, like what we’re dealing with up in Humboldt County,” said Healy.

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Moose Spotted in Northern Nevada