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Moose Discovers Why Ice is Not His Friend [VIDEO]

Check out this video as a moose slips on ice one time after another.

In comparison to us, animals always seem so graceful in the wild. Whether it is a whitetail deer leaping a tall fence, a largemouth erupting from a pond, or a bald eagle swooping to grab a salmon, animals do things that humans only wish they could.

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However, once in a while, an animal has just as must trouble as us getting around. Take the moose in this video posted by YouTube user Wallrik for example.

Its hooves just cannot get a grip on the slippery ice beneath it. It struggles to find its footing and make its way back onto solid terrain.

A friendly outdoorsman does what he can to encourage the moose back into the woods but he can only do so much to help such a large creature.

Luckily, the moose finally rises to its feet long enough to get back into the nearby forest. It appeared to be exhausted from the entire ordeal, but it is probably safe to assume that after a few minutes of rest on the forest floor, this moose was able to amble away safely.

Have you ever witnessed an animal being less than graceful in the wild? If so, share your stories in the comments section below.

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Moose Discovers Why Ice is Not His Friend [VIDEO]