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Moose Sexually Assaults Hunter: Fact or Fiction?

World News Daily Report

This story about a hunter almost being killed by an amorous moose is making the rounds on social media, but did it really happen?

A 1,200-pound bull moose sexually assaults an American hunter in Ontario, Canada? At first glance, the story certainly seems believable, albeit rather unusual, to say the least. But, like everything you read on the internet, you have to consider the source before believing it.

The story was published on the online site World News Daily Report. Almost immediately, many took it as the truth, with an astonishing 67.5 thousand shares on Facebook alone. Here’s the story:

Missanabie, Ontario |  A man from Michigan is in a critical condition after suffering a savage attack from a large moose, while hunting in Canada.

“Jeremy Larsen was hunting with his brother and his nephew near Dog Lake, in Ontario, when he accidentally spilled an entire jar of moose urine on himself. He decided to leave the group and head back to their cabin, three miles away, to change his clothes.

“He had about a mile left to walk when he was attacked by a male moose, weighing around 1200 pounds. Mr Larsen tried to use his weapon to defend himself, but he was rapidly knocked out after receiving many kicks from the moose’s front hooves.

“While the poor man was lying on his knees, defenseless, the powerful animal began rubbing his massive genitals all over him, mimicking sexual intercourse.

“The severely injured hunter was found two hours later by his brother and nephew, who were also heading back to their cabin.”

moose attack
John Larsen, the victim’s nephew, says his uncle was unconscious and covered in blood when they found him.


You can continue reading that story here.

So… what do you think? I guess it could happen, but just seems a bit unlikely. As it turns out, the far-fetched tale is entirely made up, although the place names and even the Ministry department are correct and accurate.

A little bit of digging, and you’ll discover that World News Daily Report is actually a satirical site. You have to give them credit; they definitely have some creative writers on staff.

Best be on the safe side the next time you head moose hunting, though, and handle that urine with extra care.


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Moose Sexually Assaults Hunter: Fact or Fiction?