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This Moose Rescue Gone Wrong Seems Normal for British Columbia

You wouldn’t expect a moose rescue to turn out like this. 

Marc Schoene is a Good Samaritan for the animal kingdom. As it just so happened, he looked out into the backyard of his British Columbia home and saw a hapless moose calf stuck in his fence. It appeared the young moose managed to get its back foot stuck as it tried to jump over it. Without a moment’s hesitation, Schoene grabbed bolt cutters and the moose rescue was on.

As you are about to see, things didn’t turn out the way Schoene expected. Just about immediately after freeing the moose, it turned on him and attacked. Schoene wrote in his comments below his video that it even managed to put a few hooves in his back.

The subtle commentary, and yes of course the moose, really made this video for me. The female voice in the background mixed with the calm demeanor of Schoene pretty much shows the world that this sort of thing is just what happens to the good folks of West Kelowna.

Good on you, Mr. Schoene. Hopefully next time a hapless animal finds its way in your fence, it doesn’t attack!



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This Moose Rescue Gone Wrong Seems Normal for British Columbia