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Moose Poacher Slapped with Heavy Fine, Loses Truck in British Columbia

Travis Smola

This poacher forfeited his Ford Raptor after being found guilty of poaching.

Many guys love their hunting truck, but this poacher's story may cause any hunter to think twice about poaching after he lost his vehicle after taking a moose out of season.

The Huffington Post reports 49-year-old Vancouver resident Xin Yue Xiao was not only fined $8,000, but he also had to forfeit his expensive 2013 Ford Raptor pickup truck used in the incident after a provincial court judge found him guilty of poaching. "I don't know of a single case where anybody was sanctioned ... in the neighborhood of $37,000," Conservation Officer Service inspector Dahl told the Huffington Post.

The hefty penalty comes after Xiao and another person were spotted loading a bull moose into the pickup near Merritt, British Columbia. Some passing hunters saw the two and turned over Xiao's license plate number to authorities.

"We're going to pull out the stops to investigate these things," Dahl said. "And when you do get caught, it's going to be a serious penalty."

Score one for the good guys and the conservationist-minded hunters. Hopefully a huge loss like that will make this poacher think twice before he does it again. Although, for true hunters, poaching is never an issue that needs addressing as we understand the importance of playing by the rules.

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Moose Poacher Slapped with Heavy Fine, Loses Truck in British Columbia