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Moose Met Untimely End When It Charged Couple in Montana

A Montana moose became aggressive when challenged, as it charged a couple near Victor, Montana.

The Ravalli Republic reported a recent incident of a Montana moose encountering a man and his girlfriend that left one moose dead, and the couple out for a walk with their dog visibly shaken.

“Apparently this little trail is one everyone in the neighborhood likes to walk on,” said Aaron Berg, a warden sergeant with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Everyone, including local wildlife.

It appears the moose was agitated with the dog that was running free of a leash, aggressively barking at him.  Having had enough of the little pooch, the moose advanced on the retreating dog at full charge.

Having no option as the moose was only seven feet away, the man had to pull his 9mm sidearm as he was falling, shooting the animal and fatally wounding it.

Moose are large animals that people need to respect, especially during the rut. Unafraid of little, moose kill and injure people every year.

The moral of this story is to consistently be aware of one’s surroundings, whether it be a trail that your dog normally runs freely on, or an area that is consistently traversed by wildlife.

The meat from the moose was donated to families in the area that had fallen on hard times, making this kill one that was not wasteful, at least.

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Moose Met Untimely End When It Charged Couple in Montana