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Moose Mesmerizes As It Holds Its Breath While Eating Underwater


A velvet-antlered moose stands mostly underwater in a shoulder-height lake, holding its breath and eating submerged water plants. It’s a mesmerizing sight.

A large moose, antlers in velvet, enjoys a meal of submerged water plants as it stands in what looks like moving water. It spends a good amount of time with its head completely submerged, only coming up to look around a bit as it chews what it has gathered from the river bottom.

I believe this video was taken in Glacier National Park. The videography belongs to Deep Creek Photography, and she indicates that this video was taken at Fishercap Lake in Glacier Park. The photographer said, “We could have sat here all day and watched…and pretty much did!”

Moose are strong swimmers and can hold their breath for a minute or more. In addition to their magnificent antlers they are perhaps most noted for their long, horse-like faces and large nostrils. One of the more interesting traits of moose is that when submerged their nostrils function as a set of valves that keep water from entering their breathing passageways.

They can also dive to significant depths – up to 20 feet – to feed on submerged plants. You might not think that such massive, long legged creatures are capable of such feats.

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Moose Mesmerizes As It Holds Its Breath While Eating Underwater