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Moose Jumps To Its Death In Sweden [VIDEO]

A moose jumps to its death from a high car park outside a shopping center central Sweden in this video.

The Local, a Swedish news outlet, reported that witness Eric Lindvall, who captured the video, was with friends outside a shopping mall in Sweden on Wednesday when he spotted the moose atop a car park. (Just a heads up, what Swedes call elk is what we Americans call moose, so don’t be confused when you see the animal referred to as an elk in The Local story.)

To get a better view of the animal, Lindvall and his friends got in their car and drove to the other side of the car park. He took out his camera and started filming from the ground as the stressed animal tried to find a way down.

What Lindvall captured on his camera next was shocking. In a hurried attempt to escape, the moose jumps from a 26-foot-high concrete wall down onto the street below. Sadly, it did not survive the fall.

WARNING: This video should be considered graphic material.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Lindvall said.

In an act of compassion, Lindvall put his jacket over the head of the elk to try and calm the dying animal.
“It tried to get up and walk, but fell down after a few steps since three of its legs were broken,” Lindvall said. “I can say that I saw the elk take its last breath.”

No word on how the moose wandered into the parking structure. The animal was likely stressed from being in a strange environment and having a group of people staring at it, wondering what it’s next move would be.

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In the US, game animals such as deer, elk and bear often wander into residential and commercial areas looking for food or water. Droughts, overpopulation of game species and supplemental feeding often cause animals to wander into public places.

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Moose Jumps To Its Death In Sweden [VIDEO]