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Moose Hunting Tips with a Rifle from Mark Kayser [VIDEO]

This video is full of great moose hunting tips for those using a rifle this season. 

Do you need some more good tips about moose hunting this season? If so, this video is right up your alley.

Watch this brief clip featuring Mark Kayser and learn more about moose hunting with a rifle.

These great moose hunting tips were given during the video in case you missed them:

  • Stay low when looking for game.
  • Bipods make a great rest during the search.
  • Bring shooting sticks that allow you to stand up over the vegetation.

Once you’ve taken all this into account, the only thing you need to make your moose hunting trip complete is, well, a moose.

When you go moose hunting next, remember what you’ve learned in this video—it could help make the difference between a failed hunt and a successful one.

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Moose Hunting Tips with a Rifle from Mark Kayser [VIDEO]