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One Canadian Territory Is Banning Moose Hunting, Here’s Why

Due to a decrease in moose population, hunting has been banned in certain areas of Manitoba.

The moose hunting ban is to take effect immediately in west-central areas of Manitoba, says the Winnipeg Free Press.

Which areas are off-limits for moose hunting? 
  • 13, 13A; The area north of Porcupine Mountain in the Red Deer Lake area of Game Hunting Area (GHA) 12
  • GHAs 19A, 18, 18A, 18B,18C; east of Duck Mountain
  • GHAs 14, 14A; Swan-Pelican areas of eastern Manitoba

However, humans are not the only moose hunters. Wolves are to be managed in areas of Manitoba as well.

Aerial surveys will take place in order to take note of wolf population and pack sizes. There will be wolf-trapping workshops available to people in the areas of Duck Mountain, eastern Manitoba and The Pas.

The government will even have monetary incentive to trappers on registered trap-lines. Between October 14 and March 31, 2015, there will be a $250 incentive for trappers who can provide tissue samples of their catches.

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With more sophisticated methods of monitoring and measuring wildlife populations, it’s good to know wildlife agencies are being proactive in terms of adjusting hunting regulations to support the well-being of game animals.

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One Canadian Territory Is Banning Moose Hunting, Here’s Why