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Moose Goes Swimming in Backyard Pool [VIDEO]

A wayward moose goes swimming in a backyard pool in this candid footage from Canada.

When you were a rambunctious teenager, did you ever sneak in to your neighbor's backyard pool to take a dip? If so, you were probably sneaky about it.

The wayward moose in this video was not. It busted through the fence of a Sudbury, Ontario home and went splashing into the backyard pool.

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It was all fun and games for the moose until a man, presumably the home owner, came out to scare it off. The moose made a clumsy getaway, though, we never took moose for being all that graceful of animals.

There's no audio in the video, so you'll have to use your imagination.

This is the second viral moose video to come out of Sudbury, Ontario this month. Last week, we shared a story about a man who rescued a day-old moose calf from a roadside near Sudbury. On his way to the animal hospital the next day, he and the calf stopped at Tim Horton's, a popular Canadian coffee chain. The video of the odd couple outside the coffee shop has garnered major media attention since it was posted online last week.

What's the most bizarre thing you've seen an animal do in your backyard?

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Moose Goes Swimming in Backyard Pool [VIDEO]