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Moose Jumps Fence and FAILS [VIDEO]

This moose tries to jump a fence and fails miserably, proving that moose are just not very graceful.

Moose are the largest member of the deer family. Their immense size make them a very popular animal to hunt. They offer heart-pounding encounters and plenty of meat for successful hunters.

However, despite their size, the moose isn’t always very grateful. Their poor eyesight and large size can lead to some pretty funny circumstances. Take this video for example.

The moose in question is running down a farm road when it decides to jump a short fence into a field full of cattle. The moose doesn’t jump quite high enough and face-plants into the grass.

It was good to see the moose quickly get back to its feet and resume running. It wouldn’t have been a funny failed moose jump otherwise.

The moose’s pride was what came away most injured. Not the best impression to make in front of those cows!

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Moose Jumps Fence and FAILS [VIDEO]