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Moose Family Takes Leisurely Stroll Through Calgary Neighborhood

This moose family wanted to find out if the suburbs really was the place to be. Watch as Mom takes her two calves on a moonlight stroll to meet the neighbors.

Jordan Engbers couldn’t believe his eyes upon returning to his home late one evening. Standing on a neighbor’s lawn, minding their own business, were a mother moose and her two calves.

Engbers, who lives in Cougar Ridge, southwest Calgary, had never seen moose in his community before, and at first believed them to be horses. He quickly realized that wasn’t the case.

The adventurous moose family casually strolled down quiet streets and across lawns, checking out their new surroundings.

Eventually the trio grew bored of the suburban life, making their way along a snow-covered path to an adjacent soccer field. At that point, Calgary police helped guide them safely out of the city core.

I guess house prices were a bit too steep for this moose family in the end.


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Moose Family Takes Leisurely Stroll Through Calgary Neighborhood