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Moose Defends Her Calf from Wolves [VIDEO]

A mother moose defends her calf valiantly by fending off some attacking wolves in this gripping footage out of Sweden.

In the video provided by a Swedish hunters association and uploaded by Mikael Moilanen, the cow is calmly partaking of a salt lick set up to capture her on camera when two wolves suddenly attempt to take down her baby. They picked the wrong mom to mess with.

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As the stunned calf struggles to get up, the mother tries to assist, while continuing to chase wolves away from her offspring.

There appears to be a happy ending, for the moose family at least, as the last shot shows the wolves walking away, seemingly in search of easier prey. The calf is likely alive and unharmed, although probably a bit dizzier and less trusting of mom than before.

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Moose Defends Her Calf from Wolves [VIDEO]