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More Moose Collared in New York as Part of Multi-Year Study

Nine recently captured cow moose in New York have been collared and released as part of a study to follow herd health in the state.

The N.Y.S. Department of Environmental Conservation says that there were 165 moose sightings in the state reported by citizens in 2015. In addition to the eyes of the public, the DEC has captured nine additional cow moose and released them fitted with GPS (Global Positioning System) radio collars to track the movement of the animals.

This brings the total of moose collared to 21 including 18 cows and three bulls. The locations and movement of these animals are monitored weekly and reported by researchers.

Wildlife staff from the DEC flies helicopter survey flights across the Adirondack Mountain range to locate and observe moose, including those that have been collared, providing photographic evidence of the well being of the herd and individual animals.


In some pictures young bulls can be seen traveling with cows, showing the potential future of the herd in the making.


Moose can move through the snow with ease whether in wooded areas or the open country.


Moose sightings in New York State are shown by town. Most sightings occur in the famed Adirondack Mountains and outlying areas. The DEC encourages citizens to report sightings of moose including tracks, scat, and scrapings via the moose sighting report at the bottom of the DEC’s moose web page.


Moose are the largest land mammal in New York State but despite having little or no natural predators in the state it is still listed as a protected species. DEC biologists estimate the herd numbers between 500-800 individuals as of 2010.

Collaring and following moose at varied and infrequent times will keep the animals and their habits in the eyes of biologists. In the early 1990’s the DEC alternately supported the return of moose to the northern 14 counties (mainly region 5) and apposed a plan to accelerate their return through a translocation plan.

Naturally occurring moose in New York are one of the stars of animal restoration in the state. Here’s hoping that tracking moose will be the next great tool for researchers in the fight to see the species thrive.

All photos via Facebook/NYS DEC


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More Moose Collared in New York as Part of Multi-Year Study