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Canadian Documentary Crew Rescues Moose Calf From Barbed Wire Fence [VIDEO]

A young moose in trouble gets a helping hand from an outdoors documentary film crew.

This clip from the Canadian TV series "Let's Go Outdoors, with Michael Short" will warm your heart as a local Fish & Wildlife official is called upon to help release a young moose calf from certain doom.

The scene starts with the officer approaching the crying moose and firing a shot into the air. This was done in order to scare off the mother if she were nearby, as well as any other predator animals that may have also heard the cry. From the video description:

The Let's Go Outdoors film crew was in the area when a Fish & Wildlife officer was called upon to rescue a moose calf trapped in a wire fence. The officer shoots into the air to scare off the mother long enough to untangle the youngster.

A heart-wrenching experience for all, but it turned out well in the end. The calf headed back to her mother waiting in the trees. This video clip was pulled from Season One of the Let's Go Outdoors television show. Visit our website at for archived copies of the TV show.

Watch the video below to experience the moose calf rescue.

Doesn't that moose calf's cry pull at your heart strings? We're glad that there were some kind folks nearby who were able to help out. Moose in the north are experiencing tough times, so taking every measure necessary to save a young calf or deter poaching is paramount for their survival.

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Fish & Wildlife officials are almost always your best bet when you encounter something like this. If you are unfamiliar with an animal, or if you find yourself in a similar situation to this, call your local office for assistance. They have been trained to properly manage these issues.

Have you ever come upon an animal trapped in a fence? What would you have done in this situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Canadian Documentary Crew Rescues Moose Calf From Barbed Wire Fence [VIDEO]