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Moose Attack Injures 2 Colorado Women

Two Colorado women recently required hospitalization due to injuries sustained as the result of a moose attack they experienced while walking their dogs.

Jackqueline Boron and Ellen Marie Divis got a firsthand lesson on how dangerous moose can be when one attacked them near the town of Black Hawk, Colorado. The two women were walking their dogs when they encountered a moose. Jackqueline Boron told reporters:

All of a sudden, I looked up and he was looking right at me and grunted and then charged. I tried to get up, and he kept coming back and stomping on me.

Though the moose also stomped on Ms. Divis, she was not severely injured and was able to leave the scene to find help. Ms. Boron was not so lucky and received four broken ribs. She also required staples in the back of her head and 15 stitches on her leg.

Fortunately, both women are expected to fully recover.

As a result of the moose attack on these two women, the local sheriff’s office issued a warning: If you encounter a moose: walk away from it — DO NOT walk towards it; moose are agitated by dogs; make sure your dog is on a leash, control the dog(s) and walk away.

Though moose may appear to be docile animals, this is not always the case. Under certain circumstances, they can be aggressive and people are routinely attacked and injured by moose each year in the United States.

If you encounter a moose in the wild, make every effort to give the animal a wide berth and avoid doing anything to antagonize it. If legal, consider carrying something to defend yourself against a moose attack, such as a can of bear spray or a handgun.

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Moose Attack Injures 2 Colorado Women