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Montana Wildlife Officials Free Elk Caught in Child's Rope Swing


The young bull earned the nickname "Bucket Boy" in bizarre incident. 

A young bull elk in Montana caused quite a commotion when it ended up getting a rope and plastic child's swing caught in its antlers.

The elk, first spotted near Gardiner Montana last Thursday quickly earned the nickname "Bucket Boy" from Deby Dixon, a local resident who eventually called in Montana Fish and Game. She told KRTV News the bull made a huge fuss trying to get the swing free. It's not certain how the young bull first got caught in this incident, but his struggle to get free only made things worse.


"Unfortunately, the more he fought the swing, the tighter it wound around his young antlers," Dixon told KRTV. "He hangs out with a herd of about 50 elk that frequent our yard and boy did he create an uproar when he began flinging and fighting with that bucket. Elk were running everywhere, many of them straight onto highway 89."

A few days later, Dixon called fish and game when she noticed the elk was still hanging around. The animal was a little calmer than it had been previously, but the swing and rope were still hopelessly caught in the animal's antlers.

Shortly after she called, help arrived in the form of a game warden, Department of livestock members and a wildlife technician. The group was able to tranquilize the elk close to Dixon's home. Once he was down, they were able to finally cut the swing and rope free.


The elk was none the worse for wear from the incident either according to Dixon. Officials had to prod him a little to get him up and moving, but he was soon back to his normal self.

"He ran, clumsily, a few paces and then turned and looked at us, not really knowing what had just happened," Dixon said. "In just a short while Bucketless Boy was joining his herd and already sparring with his buddy, the poor young bull that has one antler going down across his face."

It's safe to say, this was "Bucket Boy's" lucky day!

Images via KRTV News.


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Montana Wildlife Officials Free Elk Caught in Child's Rope Swing