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Montana Shiras Moose Tag Goes for $32,500 at Auction

A Shiras moose tag in Montana recently auctioned off for $32,500.

A Shiras moose tag brought in big money at the Helena chapter of Ducks Unlimited banquet last week. The winning bid for the rare tag was $32,500, according to a Ducks Unlimited news release.

DU gained permission from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to auction off the tag, which they have done for a number of years. The license is good for the 2016 season anywhere in the state where moose can legally be hunted.

Past licenses generally sold for between $15-20,000, but last year’s tag went for a whopping $60,000. Proceeds from the auction go directly to moose conservation in Montana, and not Ducks Unlimited. However, the auction is a good draw to the banquet for DU, and they’re reimbursed for their advertising expenses associated with the auction.

“The license went for less than last year’s record but double what some previous years brought in for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks,” the organizer of the event, Steve Christian, said in the release. “We want to thank the people who participated and our buyer who is making a major contribution to Montana wildlife. The conservation dollars that benefit moose also positively affect waterfowl and other wildlife.”

That’s a lot of money, and thankfully a lot of conservation effort.



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Montana Shiras Moose Tag Goes for $32,500 at Auction