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Montana Senator Roger Webb Poached a Trophy Whitetail Buck Last Fall

Roger Webb
Billings Gazette

Montana senator pled guilty to poaching an 11-point buck.

A Montana newspaper has discovered Republican Senator Roger Webb pled guilty to poaching a trophy whitetail buck last November.

The Helena Independent Record found during a public records search that Webb lost his hunting privileges for a year after pleading guilty in April to poaching the large whitetail after having already taken a 2x3 mule deer in Sweet Grass County.

But it wasn't just a simple case of over-the-limit. The Helena Independent Record also reports Webb apparently shot the buck on private land without permission and the shot was taken from a roadway. While he was allowed to keep the mule deer, the 5x6 whitetail was subsequently confiscated by wildlife officials.

The Helena Independent Record also posted a copy of the citation.

Roger Webb
Helena Independent Record

Webb initially pled guilty to a charge of over-the-limit on deer, but later changed to a guilty plea back in April. He was subsequently fined $1,000 with $500 suspended along with an additional $35 surcharge.

Although he received six months of jail time, it was suspended provided he avoided any more violations for the next six months.

Because of the size of the poached whitetail, Webb may also be hit in the future with an $8,000 restitution fee under Montana laws against the poaching of trophy-sized animals.

The news doesn't come at a good time for the incumbent senator, who is running a reelection campaign against Democratic challenger Paul J. Van Tricht.

Webb, who has political endorsements from such outdoor-related organizations as the National Rifle Association and the Montana Shooting Sports Association listed on his website, has had run-ins with the law before. Back in 2012, during his first campaign, details about a 1998 incident in which Webb was accused of shooting a neighbor's Labrador retriever with a .357 pistol were leaked to the internet.

Charges of animal cruelty in the case were later dismissed and Webb defended his actions to the Billings Gazette, saying the dog had been acting aggressive towards people.

On this latest incident, the Helena Independent Record was able to get a hold of Webb, who refused to comment on the issue.

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Montana Senator Roger Webb Poached a Trophy Whitetail Buck Last Fall