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Montana Officials Confirm Famed Grizzly ‘Scarface’ Taken by Hunter

Seattle Times

A famous Yellowstone grizzly dubbed 'Scarface' was confirmed killed by a hunter in the fall of 2015. The hunt is being investigated. 

Wildlife officials in Montana have now said that the famous bear known as 'Scarface' who has lived in and around Yellowstone National Park since about 1990 was shot and killed north of Gardiner, Montana in the fall of 2015.

Since grizzly bears are still listed as a threatened species, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are investigating the incident. The kill was said to have taken place after a 'confrontation' between the old bruin and a hunter just across the border from Wyoming.

In a story posted here in November 2015, grizzly bear No. 211, known better as 'Scarface', was listed as a 25-year-old bruin that has been captured and studied some 17 times in his life. At his peak the big bear weighed as much as 600 pounds, but at the time of his death was only 338 pounds.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It is said that bear No. 211 was born during the great grizzly boom around 25 years ago and has fathered at least 3 different cubs and counting. Visitors and biologists nicknamed the big grizzly 'Scarface' in 2000 after first noticing the scars on the right side of his face.

As populations of grizzlies have risen from 300 to over 750, calls have begun to delist the bears as a threatened species since the famous park is starting to reach its capacity for the species compared to the resources available to them.


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Montana Officials Confirm Famed Grizzly ‘Scarface’ Taken by Hunter