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Montana Man Sentenced for Poaching Elk Loses Hunting and Fishing Privileges


A Montana hunter was recently sentenced for poaching elk in 2013, and has lost his privilege to hunt and fish in the Treasure State for seven years.

A man from Lewiston, Montana was fined $5,610, lost his hunting and fishing privileges for seven years, must complete 40 hours of community service, and was forced to forfeit his rifle for poaching elk in 2013.

Devin J. Reppe agreed to a plea agreement and was sentenced on December 23 for poaching elk in October 2013. The elk was a six point bull according to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.

Shawn Briggs, state game warden, spook about Reppe poaching elk, “Reppe killed an elk after dark from a road near Roy. He shot the bull and left it. And he used a rifle during archery season.”

The incident occurred near Black Butte while Reppe had his hunting and fishing privileges revoked in 2011. This existing offense involved him shooting a whitetail doe after dark.

After many months of investigating the 2013 elk poaching incident, Briggs cited Reppe in June 2014 and he was later sentenced by Fergus County Justice of the Peace Jack Shields.

Reppe will received the following sentence for poaching elk:

— Fined $1,535 and lost his privileges for 24 months for unlawful possession of an unlawfully killed elk.

— Fined $535 for hunting during a closed season.

— Fined $335 for waste of game and fined $2,035 and loss of privileges for 60 months for spotlighting, a second offense, to run     consecutively with the 24 month loss of privileges.

— Fined $1,035 and required to perform five, eight-hour days of community service for hunting while privileges were forfeited.

— Fined $135 for unlawfully hunting from a public highway.

— Forfeited his firearm.

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Montana Man Sentenced for Poaching Elk Loses Hunting and Fishing Privileges