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Montana Bowhunting Produces Double Coyote Kill [VIDEO]

Montana Double Archery Coyote Kill

This elk hunter in Montana scores a double coyote kill while bowhunting up in the mountains. The deer in the area can breathe a little easier now.

Every year, hunters after other game end up taking coyotes on chance encounters. This elk hunter made the most out of the opportunity presented to him and managed to chalk up a double coyote kill.

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The coyotes’ loss is the deer and elk population’s gain.


Is that good shooting or what? The first shot had to be over 50 yards with a ton of obstructions, and he nailed it. With two fewer coyotes in the area, there will hopefully be a little less pressure on the deer population next year.

Nice work!

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Montana Bowhunting Produces Double Coyote Kill [VIDEO]