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Montana Bowhunter Barely Survives Backcountry Accident in Idaho [VIDEO]

It’s every hunter’s worst nightmare: a terrible accident in a secluded place, leaving you injured and struggling for your life. 

John Sain was bowhunting for elk alone in the wilderness near McCall, Idaho when his leg slipped between two logs and he fell forward, snapping both lower leg bones.

With no cell service or means of transportation, John was left with two excruciatingly difficult options: Give up then and there or drag himself miles back down the trail he came in on. Hear him tell the story in his own words.

Thankfully, John’s faith and family motivated him to keep going. He also owes his life to the guys on dirt bikes who ultimately found him. He says he will not go hunting without a satellite or GPS-enabled phone ever again.

The beauty of isolation in the backcountry is a wonderful thing, but not without risks. This season, make sure you’ve planned for emergencies. A successful hunt is one you come back from.

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Montana Bowhunter Barely Survives Backcountry Accident in Idaho [VIDEO]