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Montana Black Bear Hunt Ends With a Well-Placed Shot

Tag along on Heather Farrar's exciting Montana black bear hunt.

After locating a great color phase Montana black bear, Heather and her guides stalk in close for the shot and Farrar makes the first one count by dropping the bruin in his tracks.

Watch the video to see how a Montana black bear hunt is supposed to go down.

Wow! Great shot, Heather.

Montana is home to a huge number of big game animals including whitetail and mule deer, elk, antelope, bison, sheep, goats, moose, and, of course, black bears. The state also offers predator hunting opportunities for mountain lion and wolves and a number of birds including waterfowl, wild turkey, and upland birds.

Heather's hunt for this Montana black bear illustrates the beauty of the landscape as much as the skill of the hunter and guides.

For more information about hunting in Montana, visit the state's Fish, Wildlife, and Parks page and start planning your hunt today.

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Montana Black Bear Hunt Ends With a Well-Placed Shot