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Inclement Weather Not Slowing Down Montana Big Game Hunting

Montana big game hunting has hardly been slowed a step, in spite of the brutal inclement weather which has recently blanketed the state.

The record breaking arctic cold snap that blanketed much of the country last week seemed to slow everything down except those hunting big game in Montana, where temperatures averaged in the teens and the wind was blowing 40 mph.

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP) reported an increase in Montana big game hunters' harvests in the fourth week of big game hunting. Last weekend the check stations at Columbus and Big Timber reported an increase in percentages of hunters carrying out game compared to last year's numbers.

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At check stations in Columbus,  the FWP documented a 12 percent increase in successful hunting rates compared to the same week last year. In Big Timber check stations documented 30 harvested mule deer this weekend, and last year at this time only 17 were harvested. Overall there was a significant increase in white-tail deer, mule deer, and elk harvested last weekend.

Hunters are encouraged to stop at all check stations whether or not they successfully harvested game. The FWP biologists at these locations hope this information will help to better decipher the condition of the big game hunting season.

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Inclement Weather Not Slowing Down Montana Big Game Hunting