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Montactical Vinyl Stickers Help Camo Your Weapons

Most shooters take high pride in their weapons.

Aesthetics make a big difference whether or not you might pick a rifle that’s flat black or Multi-Cam.

See how Yeager got his rifle coated by Montactical.

I’ve personally used Montactical’s kits, and their high quality adhesive stickers are great for helping you paint your own weapons at home.

Different mediums can be used, such as DuraCoat or Cerakote. Both are quality paints that help protect the rifles and pistols when they are applied to from natural elements and most acids. I personally went with Krylon brand earth tones on my rifles, only because it was more affordable.

Montactical sells the kits that help you apply various layers of paint to your weapon without having to manually cut them by hand. You simply choose which layers of color you’re going to use, and layer those colors on top of the weapon while applying the vinyl stickers.

When applied correctly, you will get a nice Multi-Cam finish like Yeager ended up with on his AR-15.

The process of painting your weapon does take some extra time. Simply spray all layers of paint as described in the instructions.

Camo is just the beginning. Montactical has also done some amazing finishes with flags, aircraft themes, and abstract patterns. Grab some paint, some stencils and get to work!


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Montactical Vinyl Stickers Help Camo Your Weapons