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Monster Water Vortex in Lake Texoma Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Witness this hair-raising video of a massive water vortex spinning out of control.

Aerial footage of this swirling vortex of water, filmed on Lake Texoma, was captured above the drainage intake for the Denison Dam spillway.

Imagine cruising along in your bass boat, when this shows up in the distance. You steer towards the spot and get a little closer…

Just like when you pull the plug after taking a bath, the drainage of the dam causes a vortex, although on a much larger scale than your tub. This is what happened when Lake Texoma’s floodgates opened to release excess water, usually a natural occurrence.

Authorities are keeping the area off-limits through safety buos and caution signs.

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Monster Water Vortex in Lake Texoma Goes Viral [VIDEO]