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Monster Peacock Bass Action in the Amazon [VIDEO]

Catching monster peacock bass with Steve Townson in the Amazon River Basin is quite a rush.

Peacock bass are a fish that many fishermen have not had much contact with. They live in tropical waters and are technically cichlids and not bass at all.

But they do look like one fun fish to catch, they are very aggressive, and the size of these monster peacock bass is enough to make you go searching for these river monsters.


We all know how hunting and fishing shows can take a lot of the hard work and waiting time out of their programming to just show us the fun and exciting parts, but it looks like this fishing trip is actually somewhat true to form.

Catching 16 of these monster peacock bass in just 30 minutes would be enough for even a seasoned fishermen to have a great day out on the river.

So if you are getting a case of the winter blues, pack up and head down to the tropics where you can spend a day reeling in monster peacock bass until your arms are too tired to fish.

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Monster Peacock Bass Action in the Amazon [VIDEO]