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Monster Ohio Buck Harvested, Confirmed by Wildlife Officer

monster ohio

This monster Ohio buck was harvested the right way, with a wildlife officer on hand to confirm the legality.

These days, it seems anyone who shoots a world-class buck will instantly fall under scrutiny as soon as the news hits the internet. Pretty much every hunter that harvests a monster buck these days seems to be a target of ugly rumors. No doubt you’ve seen some of these yourself online each year. People will claim the deer is poached, pen-raised, or any number of other ugly rumors that can tarnish the reputation of honest hunters who were just fortunate enough to take the deer of a lifetime.

Apparently, Dan Coffman of Ohio didn’t want this to happen to him. And when he realized there was a monster buck in his area, he took the appropriate steps of alerting local wildlife officers of the buck’s presence to confirm in case he was able to harvest the animal.

The Ohio DNR posted a photo of Dan’s awesome buck to their “Your Wild Ohio” Facebook page. Coffman is pictured along with Wildlife Officer Tony Zerkle, who apparently confirmed the hunt’s legality.

The post also takes note of some additional steps Coffman took to ensure nothing about the hunt would come under scrutiny. ” …He contacted the neighboring landowners and built trust so he may be able to retrieve the deer if needed. That preparation paid off when he got permission to retrieve the deer from a neighboring property,” the post said.

It certainly sounds like Coffman covered all his bases here. No word on the page on the potential score of this monster just yet. It’ll be one to watch for sure though.

Congrats Dan on an awesome trophy, and for doing it the right way!

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Monster Ohio Buck Harvested, Confirmed by Wildlife Officer