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Monster Idaho Smallmouth Bass Allegedly Close to State Record

Images via Facebook/Smallmouth Nation

Photos of a monstrous Idaho smallmouth have quickly gone viral.

Some photos of smallmouth bass of absolute mammoth proportions are quickly going viral via social media. Details on when and on what the fish was caught on are scarce at the moment, but the Facebook Page Smallmouth Nation posted photos of a bass allegedly caught by Quinten Kelly in Idaho's Dworshack Reservoir.


Photos show several different angles of the massive fish, including a few shots of it on a set of scales. How accurate they are, and if they are certified or not is not known at this point.


Smallmouth Nation reports the pot-bellied fish weighed approximately 9.5 pounds.


If true, it would mean this bass just narrowly missed breaking the state record of 9.72 pounds which also came out of Dworshack Reservoir back in 2006. That monstrous smallie was caught by Dan Steigers.


And the fish may still be in the reservoir for other anglers to pursue. Several commentators on the photos say the fish was released back into the reservoir alive.


There's certainly no denying this is a monstrous smallmouth bass and likely the catch of a lifetime. It will be interesting to hear the full story when it finally comes out.

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Monster Idaho Smallmouth Bass Allegedly Close to State Record