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Monster Grouper: Forget the Live Well, We Need a Truck Bed

Giant grouper videos are all over, but you never see what goes on after the catch. Who needs a live well, just put it in the truck bed.

Ever wonder how they haul these monster groupers that are always being caught? Looks like you should just throw them in a truck bed, mostly because that is the only place they will fit.

Goliath Grouper can grow to enormous sizes and put on one epic fight. Their behemoth sizes and bass like body features almost make them looked photo-shopped.

Have you ever wondered if you were ever to land one and don’t do a catch and release what would you do with it? Maybe the video of these gentleman will give you an idea for starters.

It is always safe to say that you have had a good day on the water when it takes three grown men to get your catch in the back of a truck. The three men wrestle and exort all the strength they have to get the enormous grouper in the truck.

Many bystanders watch and holler as they are amazed at the size of the fish. Looks like these people will be eating fish sticks for the next few weeks…possibly even months or years.

What a fish!


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Monster Grouper: Forget the Live Well, We Need a Truck Bed