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Can You Actually Land a Goliath Grouper with a Handline? [VIDEO]

Watch this young angler handline a massive goliath grouper from a dock in Florida.

Yet another interesting goliath story has surfaced from south Florida, but this one is a bit different.

What happens when you show up to a public boat ramp with a fresh jack, tow strap, and a hook? Apparently you handline a 400-pound goliath grouper and drag them up onto the boat ramp.

It's not that handlining for goliaths has not been done before, but to have one of that size hanging around the local boat ramp is pretty odd.

When you handline fish, you get a completely different perspective on how much pressure you can really put on them. The young angler in the video isn't of the largest proportion, but he handily whips the massive grouper in a straight up and down tug-of-war quite easily.

With conventional tackle it would be a much different story. It really begs the question of how big of a fish can you really stop on a handline, like "The Old Man and the Sea." 

Does anybody have old man Santiago's phone number?

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Can You Actually Land a Goliath Grouper with a Handline? [VIDEO]