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Monster Fish Overpowers Two Seasoned Shark Anglers

Sometimes you hook a big one – a really big one.

Florida shark anglers Joshua Jorgenson and Peter Buban, of BlacktipH TV, knew they had a monster fish on the line, but they didn’t know what it was.

Jorgenson, an experienced land-based shark angler, fought hard for 30 minutes, but the big fish was too much to handle.

So, Buban tagged in and fought the monster fish into the night.

If anyone can catch a shark on Florida’s beaches, it’s Buban. Last winter, he landed a 1,000-pound, 13-foot-long hammerhead on a Florida beach to win the Blacktip Fishing Challenge.

But this monster fish had him beat.

Despite the combined strength of Buban and Jorgenson, the fish, probably a hammerhead, managed to escape into the deep blue.

Who knows if it was even a shark on the other end of the line.



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Monster Fish Overpowers Two Seasoned Shark Anglers