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Monster Catfish is the Largest Catch in Michigan in 2014 [VIDEO]


Michigan’s flathead catfish record was broken for the second time in less than two years.

Dale Blakely hit the ice Jan. 17, 2014, to catch crappie. He ended up catching the fish of a lifetime when he hauled in a 52-pound, 46-in catfish on Barron Lake in Cass County.

WARNING: Some muffled foul language can be heard in the video. Viewer discretion advised.

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“Catching this fish was the most exhilarating experience,” Blakley said. “It was only the second time I’ve ever gone ice fishing and it was the only bite we had on the lake the whole day. This definitely sits at the top of my list!”

The previous record, which was originally set back in 1943, was broken in May 2012 with a 49.8-pound catfish.

Longest Catch of 2014

While the 52-pound catfish set a new weight record for catfish in Michigan, it wasn’t the only record-setter caught this year. The longest fish landed in the state was a 75-inch sturgeon caught in the Muskegon Channel.


Scott Cooper hauled in the massive sturgeon after a 75-minute fight on Sept. 16.

“We knew we had a big fish on but we didn’t know what it was,” said Cooper. “We didn’t see it for 40 minutes but we got a pretty big glimpse of it then. It was only 20-pound test. Looking at the chart, it looked like it weighed 150 pounds.”

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Monster Catfish is the Largest Catch in Michigan in 2014 [VIDEO]