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Monster Buck Survives 2 Shots During Same Bow Hunt

Braydon Price

Anything can happen when you have a monster buck standing in front of you at 40 yards.

I've been a bowhunter almost all of my life and have always defended the fact that things happen in the woods that are out of a bowhunters control, even if you've practiced all off-season or not. All a hunter can control is whether or not to take an ethical shot that each individual is comfortable and confident with.

Monster bucks, gigantic bull elks and strutting gobblers can make even the best shooters nerves shake enough to jerk a shot. However, sometimes it's not on the hunter.

Watch what happens when this bowhunter gets their shot at a monster buck two different times during the same hunt.

Glad to see that this monster buck made it through the season! This monster buck definitely showed just how much they can dip under a shot prior to impact.

As hunters, were challenged with the choice of whether or not to take shots. We strive to do everything within our power to take ethical, well placed shots, but sometimes things happen that are out of our control which makes it a tough situation to control.

Practice as much as you can and train for different scenarios!


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Monster Buck Survives 2 Shots During Same Bow Hunt