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Monster Buck Hopes You Don’t See Him…

monster buck

Ever have that monster buck just disappear on you? Maybe he did this…

How many times have you had a glimpse of a monster buck just to have him disappear into thin air? It has happened to me more than a few times. It was almost as if he was a ghost.

Maybe he was not so magical after all. Maybe he did what the monster buck in this video did. Maybe he just lied down.

Have you ever wondered what magical skills the buck possessed to be able to disappear? How could he slip into the safety of the woods without a rustled leaf or snapped twig? How can such a large beast with a huge rack on his head be more quiet than you?

It may be hard to admit that you have walked right past that monster buck before, but after watching this video you will see that he was not that hard to miss. Animal camouflage is an amazing thing.

Remember that monster bucks are veterans of the hunting season and have made it this far for a reason. I am sure that this buck has seen many days and if he keeps doing this, he will probably see many more.

My grandpa use to tell tales of monster bucks just lying still on the forest floor and hunters walking right by. Then he’d tell how these bucks would quietly get up and walk away once the hunters had passed. I never believed him though…sorry, grandpa.

Next time you are looking for that monster buck remember this video. Hopefully it will help you tag your own one day.

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Monster Buck Hopes You Don’t See Him…