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Monster Buck Destroys Garmin POV Cam That's on a Tree

Pigman has to sit and watch as a monster buck destroys the tree that his Garmin POV is attached too. Thankfully the camera continued to record.

What are the chances that a monster buck would absolutely tear into the tree you placed your camera on? Very slim is my guess, but I am so glad it happened here.

If you have hunted whitetails for many years, there is a good chance you have seen a buck release some of his testosterone on a poor tree. Odds are though, you didn't happen to place your POV camera on the exact tree.

The outfitter tells Pigman that he needs to pass this beauty of a deer, so Pig is left with nothing to do but hope his Garmin survives the beat down of this whitetails rack.

Luckily, the camera kept rolling the entire time. Blessing us with a tree's eye view of a whitetail buck making a rub. The deer goes to town on the shrub tree and eventually shaking the camera loose causing it to pummel to the ground.

While on the ground, the camera is still laying where it can view the deer, adding some more awesome footage to the clip. After his work is all done, the buck walks off and out of frame. A truly amazing experience and a truly amazing Texas whitetail.

Pigman and the outfitter had their eyes set on some bigger deer, but you could tell that Pigman wanted to let that arrow fly. Many will watch this video and be appalled that the deer was not taken.

I am sure Pigman will be back the next year in search of him. Another year of growth and the deer will be a Texas monster that so many people dream of.  Pigman would most certainly love to get some revenge for almost breaking his POV camera and have him on his wall to look at anytime he wanted.


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Monster Buck Destroys Garmin POV Cam That's on a Tree