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Monster 9×9 Elk Harvested on a Solo Hunt [VIDEO]


It’s not every day a hunter goes into the woods alone and harvests a 9×9 elk, but this hunter had some good luck.

Ryan Alltus is an off-grid DIY hunter who likes to stick to public lands when hunting.

Check out this video of his solo elk hunt that couldn’t have ended any better that it did.

That elk was nothing short of a monster with a 9×9 rack. As you just saw, it was hard to tell how big it was from the shooting ground, but once Ryan found it, the animal was bigger than he thought.

According to Ryan, the elk was about 775 yards out, and he was able to down it with one perfect shot. The fact that he was all alone on this trip makes this harvest that much more impressive.

Next time you plan on heading into the woods alone be sure to bring a camera with you. It will prove you can do it solo and give you some indisputable rights to brag about the hunt.

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Monster 9×9 Elk Harvested on a Solo Hunt [VIDEO]