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Whopping 52-Inch Blue Catfish Caught and Released in Texas Lake

blue catfish

Texas wildlife officials netted and released a huge blue catfish while sample fishing Lake Conroe.

Lake Conroe in Texas is known for its healthy blue catfish populations. The Houston District of the Texas Parks and Wildlife got a huge surprise in one of their nets while sampling the lake for various fish on Monday.

After hauling in one of their nets north of the FM 1097 bridge, they found a massive 52-inch blue catfish awaiting them.

Houston District-Texas Parks and Wildlife Facebook

Wildlife officials estimate the fish was close to 80 pounds, but cannot say for sure as it maxed out the only scale they had on board their boat at 60 pounds.

Soon after its capture they released the behemoth back into the lake making him fair game for future anglers to try to tackle for themselves.

This catch comes only months after local angler and fishing guide, Brad Doyle, caught another huge catfish weighing in at 67 pounds in the same lake back in December. Watch the video of him reeling it in below.

It seems that if you are looking to go after monster catfish that Lake Conroe might need to be at the top of your list.



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Whopping 52-Inch Blue Catfish Caught and Released in Texas Lake