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Monster 19-Pound Largemouth Bass Caught in California Lake is a New Record

19-pound largemouth bass
Images via Lake Chabot/Facebook

Ryan Reynolds caught the largemouth bass of a lifetime on October 28all gut-busting 19-pounds of her!

Prior to catching a largemouth bass most of us can only dream of, Ryan Reynolds of San Mateo, California had a respectable 7-pound personal best bass under his belt. On October 28, he shattered that record with an astounding 12-pound upgrade.

Shortly before noon, and after working the morning shift, Reynolds headed to Lake Chabot Reservoir—a 315-acre lake—and rented a skiff. While working a submerged tree in 20- to 25-feet of water in an area near Alder Point, Reynolds felt a ‘tick’ on his jig during mid-drop. It was then game on.

Western Bass got the scoop:

“I felt her shake her head a couple times and I figured it was a keeper bass; but when she breached the water, I saw her head was just massive,” he said. “I immediately freaked out.

“I put pressure on her and she wrapped me around a tree limb. That freaked me out more. I fought her for about a minute, did a couple of figure eights with her–it felt like forever. I didn’t have a net; so I reached in with my whole hand in her mouth and pulled her out.”

19-pound largemouth bass

Reynolds weighed the trophy fish with a digital scale, with the weight bouncing between 18- and 20-pounds. Not wanting to kill the fish, and knowing that the lake record was 17-pounds, he contacted someone at the marina who met him on the lake with another scale and a camera to take pictures. The new lake record was then declared with this 19-pound fish.

The lure that won this big girl over? A black and blue Gary Yamamota Custom Baits Double Tail Hula Grub on a 1/2-ounce football head jig. This was paired with a G. Loomis GLW MBR 845 Flipping Stick and a Shimano Curado E7 spooled with 65-pound Sunline FX2 braided line.

19-pound largemouth bass

And here is the picture-perfect release video of this outstanding catch:

Do you think Lake Chabot Reservoir holds a 20+ pound fish? I’m certain after this monumental catch, there will be a lot of folk searching.

Way to go Ryan Reynolds! A true catch-of-a-lifetime, sir.


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Monster 19-Pound Largemouth Bass Caught in California Lake is a New Record