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Monofilament vs. Fluorocarbon Fishing Line: The Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s how to decide what you’ll be using: a monofilament vs. flourocarbon infographic.

There is always a good reason to use one fishing accessory over another. Then again, you can probably think of reasons that dispute that sentiment, and on and on it goes.

Get the facts straight about one of the biggest choices to make regarding your fishing line: Should you go with fluorocarbon or monofilament?

Since Berkley Fishing cares about helping you make the best decision, they shared this useful infographic that you’ll want to check out.

Berkley Fishing

Now that you have a good idea of the pros and cons of each, the choice between fluorocarbon and monofilament will hopefully be a little easier.

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Monofilament vs. Fluorocarbon Fishing Line: The Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]