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Mom Comes to the Rescue After Bear Cubs are Swept Over Waterfall

bear cubs

Watch momma bear spring into action when her cubs go over the falls. 

Three rambunctious cubs prove that a mother's job is never easy, even if you're a bear.

Watch as this mother bear named Grazer has to drop everything to retrieve her cubs, who have all managed to go over the edge of a waterfall!

She wastes no time springing into action making sure her cubs are okay.

Lucky it wasn't a very big waterfall. But still, you have to feel bad for poor Grazer. She had to abandon her quest for those tasty salmon all because bear cubs are always getting into trouble! Hopefully these three learned a valuable lesson about how strong the river and the falls are in the process.

This great footage was shot at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park in Alaska. This is the spot where brown bears converge every year to feast on the salmon during their run.

The best part of the video is near the end when the last cub jumps in to swim to mom. Momma bear gives that cub a look I think everyone has seen from their mom before. I know I have.

Sigh. "I can't go five minutes without you guys getting into trouble can I?" - Grazer, probably.

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Mom Comes to the Rescue After Bear Cubs are Swept Over Waterfall