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Mom, Apple Pie and the Ruger American Rimfire

Get a head start on summer with the Ruger American Rimfire.

Summer is just around the corner and this makes us all start thinking about .22’s.

Okay, maybe not all of us, but at least all of us with perennially itchy trigger fingers. To us, summer is tiny pieces of brass scattered around, tin cans full of holes and getting sunburned in a gopher field.

Even the most hardened big bore enthusiasts out there find .22’s catching their eye when good old summer finally comes around. Without a good .22 you stand a good chance of suffering from the summertime blues.

To help us with such predicaments, Ruger has a new .22 on the market this year. Since Ruger already makes one of the most successful and well-liked .22 LR rifles of all time, the 10/22, you might wonder why they’re making another.

I guess the short answer is that you just can’t have too much of a good thing, and Ruger’s new .22 is a big departure from their old design.

For starters, the ubiquitous 10/22 is an autoloader. Ruger’s new .22, the American Rimfire, is a bolt gun. This new rifle has the same general lines as Ruger’s popular American centerfire rifles, but in a scaled down version more befitting the rimfire cartridges it’s chambered for.

To make this new rifle stand out in a market rather flooded with good, bolt-action .22s Ruger has added a few very interesting features to the American Rimfire.

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To begin with, their new gun uses the same time-tested and much-loved rotary magazine that the 10/22 uses. This means that all your old clips will fit in your new gun — possibly a strong selling point.

For added utility, the American features a rather ingenious system of removable butt pad/comb inserts that allow the shooter to change both the length of pull and the eye’s alignment with the sights or scope.

This means that the American can be converted back and forth from a kid’s first rifle to an adult-sized rig for those who are still kids at heart. Thanks to the adjustable comb system you can also switch the American back and forth from open sights to a scope to maximize the productivity of using a .22 as a practice gun instead of more expensive centerfire rounds.

Regardless of your size or preferred sighting system, there is a way to make the American fit you like a glove.

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Most of us grew up with a bolt-action .22 of some sort, and some of us still want a really good one. The American Rimfire has the ability to fit the whole family.

This, along with a relatively low MSRP of $329, make it an excellent option. Now you can buy a .22 for the youngsters that can be adjusted to fit you as well.

Will that mean that you’re not technically fibbing when you say you bought it for the kids?

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Mom, Apple Pie and the Ruger American Rimfire