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The Mokai Watercraft: A Modular Motorized Kayak [VIDEO]

The Mokai is a jet-propelled “kayak” that will allow you quick access to hard-to-reach upstream or shallow water areas.

The Mokai watercraft looks like a lot of fun. The company website says that the craft includes a “polyethylene hull, Subaru four-stroke engine, and proprietarily jet pump propulsion system [that] yields a lightweight, durable, high performance watercraft that is extremely simple and fun to use.”

They’ve upgraded the original model and call it the Mokai ES-Kape. This craft is modular with three main sections that can be easily assembled, without tools, in less than two minutes.

Mokai indicates that the re-engineered ES-Kape is easier to store and transport, and has improved maneuverability and speed.

The motorized kayak certainly looks like it can handle fast-flowing water. It appears to maneuever with impressive speed and agility in the video.

The total craft, engine included, weighs 200 pounds. You’ll also get between eight and ten hours of run time with the three-gallon capacity fuel tank. It is capable of top speeds of 20 mph with the SUBARU EX-21, 7hp, four-stroke, electric start engine.

Mokai contends that the craft will allow you to, “Travel farther, safely thru protected coastal waters, in deep and shallow waters, even upstream!”

The vessel is being promoted as a “must-have for fishermen, hunters, explorers of all types.”

The photo gallery on the company website appears to support that claim, with lots of shared photos from a variety of Mokai owners. From moose hunting adventures to coastal fishing, and upstream shallow river running to open sea excursions, the Mokai appears to be able to handle it all.

I particularly like the alleged ease of transport and fuel economy of the boat. And, truth be told, the speed with which the Mokai scoots around looks like a blast too.

The Mokai lists for $5,400, company direct.

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The Mokai Watercraft: A Modular Motorized Kayak [VIDEO]