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Mojo's Scoot N Shoot Turkey Decoys Make for a Wild Hunt

They say it's the most exciting way to hunt turkeys.

We'd have to say just about any turkey hunt we've been on was exciting, so upping the ante could only get better. The fellas at Mojo TV have certainly done that with their Scoot N Shoot decoys.

Want to see them in action?

The Scoot N Shoot from Mojo proves pretty effective. It is a Boss Gobbler Decoy with a built in handle and ground stake that is especially designed to be used in the very effective "Scoot n Shoot" method of hunting.

Once a mature gobbler senses what he recognizes as an unknown tom, more often than not they'll charge the decoy, allowing very close and extremely exciting shots.

It has a realistic silk removable tail (fan) and includes an attachment for a real fan, if you're looking for the ultimate in realism.

It's worth noting that this decoy makes the hunter look like a long beard, and can be very deceiving, even to other hunters. It's certainly not for use on public land, leases or anywhere other hunters might be present and could mistake you for a real turkey! Sticking to very controlled hunting areas with the Scoot N Shoot Decoy is the only way to go.

Find out more about Mojo Outdoors on their website, and  see all the fantastic videos they share regularly on their YouTube channel.


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Mojo's Scoot N Shoot Turkey Decoys Make for a Wild Hunt